Getting An External Tap Fitted

Many of Sheffield’s houses do not have an external tap available, so one of the more common tradesmen we come across when erecting fence panels is plumbers. It’s a surprisingly simple job to complete, provided you house has a traditional design, with the kitchen facing out onto the back garden.

This is due to the fact that most homes have a kitchen sink facing onto the back yard, particularly those in the traditional mining housing stock of the inner city neighbourhoods of Sheffield. A lot of them also have extensions such as off-shot kitchens, and loft conversions. This means that water pipes have often been moved already, and the most common, and by far the simplest way to achieve that is to run them around the external perimeter of the property.

All that needs to happen is to make a small hole in the external wall, usually from under the kitchen sink to the outside of the property, and spur off a small length of pipe to connect the outside tap to. You should get this job done professionally, as you’ll be dealing with pipework that carries pressurised water. You really want to avoid a leak as you can find a lot of water escapes in a very short space of time if something goes wrong. We think Ian Lawson is one of the best plumbers in Sheffield, so visit his website to get in touch if you don’t already have a trusted professional on hand.